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Anton Golub is a serial founder & advisor with 10 years of experience in the crypto industry. 

Anton is a Strategic Advisor of Pazar, a decentralized OTC marketplace. Anton founded & served as CEO of flovtec, Swiss market-maker, and hedge fund. Anton is also a co-founder of Trust Square, a pre-eminent blockchain hub located in Zurich's financial district. Anton co-founded Lykke Corp, the 2nd ever crypto company in Switzerland, where he served Chief Science Officer. Prior to Lykke, he worked as a quant trader at Olsen Ltd, a hedge fund that pioneered the field of high-frequency trading (HFT). As a Marie Curie researcher at the Alliance Manchester Business School, Anton worked on HFT market microstructure and flash crashes. At the age of 24,  he worked on the Foresight Project - The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets, an international project on algorithmic trading funded by UK Treasury. He has co-authored 13 academic papers & two books.


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